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Back in the days of the Wild West, when the Native American Indian Tribes roamed the plains, the buffalo numbers were so huge, they were said to drink rivers to a stop.  Due to the white man’s push to the west, the buffalo were sadly slaughtered to push the Indians out.  In 1886, the last remaining North American buffalo in Kansas were killed.  It’s hard to believe that herds once numbering in the millions were now gone, and thought to be gone forever.


In 2009, with the help of so many family members and friends, we fulfilled a dream, bringing seven bison heifers and a bison herd bull, home to the Smokey Hill River Valley.  Today our herd is growing, grazing in a low stress environment on short and tall grasses native to Kansas.

Jo and Shawn Rolph

Co-Founders & Kansas Bison Ranchers

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